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29th-Oct-2007 03:27 pm(no subject)
ino - flower
 Argh, I'm nearly dead on my feet...

I spent the weekend in the US at a photo shoot (apparently the photographer was much to special to fly here) and now I have absolutely no clue what day or time it is. Stupid time zones

I played a little piano last night (while I couldn't sleep because I was sure that it was mid-morning). It wasn't that bad. I still hate the bass clef. Why? I have no clue. I play in it all the time on my bass guitar. But on the piano... it's just confusing when paired with the treble clef.

Ooh! And halloween is coming up! I've been given two very good suggestions on who I should dress up as, but I'd enjoy some feedback from all of my lovely friends.

So. Barbie or the Black Canary? Some American model suggested that I dress up as Britney Spears...
20th-Oct-2007 03:09 pm(no subject)
ino - flower
I went shopping the other day. Ah... quite possibly the most enjoyable thing in the world. I ran into Hanabi (or rather, she ran into me). She was there by herself. I kind of felt bad... It seems like her family's not that close. She needs that closeness.

She really did make me feel better. All these negative things happening and all the negative press that's been going around (the paparazzi seem to be in a very negative mood lately) have made me worry about InoShikaChou. Oh! We really need to practice together soon!

But, right! Shopping! I went to the flower shop to get something for my mother - I figured it was a good idea since I've sort of been neglecting my family. I do hope she likes it. Since I don't plan on visiting them any time soon.
9th-Oct-2007 03:03 pm(no subject)
ino - flower
I had a horrible fashion show last weekend. It was just... ugh! And those stupid models! Acting like they were better than me because I'm "just a musician pretending to model" and was "only in the show because [I'm] famous".

How I would have loved to rip their bleach blonde extensions out of their empty heads.

But I'm not angry! No, completely not angry. I know I can walk better than all of them, so... I. Don't. Care.

What bothered me was the fact that when I tried to tell Shikamaru about it he was no where to be found!  I bet he was off somewhere arguing with/being yelled at by Temari. Hmph. I think my bitching problems are more important than her. We're InoShikaChou. There's no "Temari" in there. Why's she so important to him lately?

OH! Speaking of Shikamaru. I heard that he got into a fight with Sasuke and hit him with his guitar! Poor Sasuke, I hope he didn't get hurt...
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